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Shandong Baisheng Biotechnology Co Ltd was established in 2006 the registered capital of 150 million the existing staff of more than 1 000 people is a corn deep processing bio fermentation biological manufacturing for the development of state level high tech enterprises Passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification ISO14001 environmental management system certification ISO22000 food safety management system OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system FSSC22000 food safety system certification five system certification Has won the advanced energy saving enterprises Jining City tax hundred enterprises the focus of agricultural industrialization in Shandong...

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Sodium Gluconate

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Corn FiberCorn PollenLactic AcidCorn StarchCorn GlutenAnimal FeedC6H7NaO6 H2OFood AdditiveFeed AdditivePropanol AcidCleaning AgentIndustry GradeSodium LactateFood AdditivesCorn Germ MealFood Grade FccCement RetarderLactic Acid 80%Corn Fiber YarnFiber AdditivesCAS No.:50-21-5Lactic Acid 85%LACTIC ACID 88%85% Lactic AcidCalcium Lactate80% Lactic AcidCorn Gluten FeedHigh Lactic AcidCas No.:527-07-7Poly Lactic AcidCorn Husk PowderLactic Acid PeelCorn Gluten MealSodium GluconateCorn Gluren MealCAS No.:6381-77-799% Gluconic AcidRubber AntioxygenCorn Maize Starchsodium lactate phChemical ProductsConcrete RetarderCorn Fiber FabricMaizena Food GradeSodium ErythorbateConcrete AdmixtureLactic Acid LiquidNative Corn StarchSoluble Corn FiberAnimal Feed PowderYellow Corn Powderantioxidants foodsCorn Starch NativeLactic Acid C3H6O360% Sodium LactateCorn Starch PowderCorn Flower PowderProtein Powder 60%Concrete RetardantCorrosion InhibitorConcrete Adimixture99% Calcium LactateCorn Starch Details79-33-4 Lactic AcidSodium Isoascorbate80%-88% Lactic AcidLactic Acid PurposeOrganic Corn StarchProtein Powder 25kgLactic Acid 80%-90%Corn Protein PowderChemicals AdditivesConcrete AdmixturesD-Sodium ErythorbateFood Addtives PowderD Sodium ErythorbatePMP Sodium GluconateSodium Gluconate 99%98% Sodium GluconateCorn Cob Animal FeedWater Reducing AgentPubChem CID 23672301Sodium Gluconate NTA99% Sodium GluconatePolylactic Acid Fibersodium lactate powderCalcium Lactate VeganRaw Material ChemicalConcrete Set RetarderAntioxidants VitaminsD- Sodium ErythorbateChemical Raw MaterialSodium Lactate LiquidLactic Acid Excellent80% Liquid Lactic AcidConcrete Water ReducerCorn Gluten Meal LowesSodium Gluconate PricePaint Removal ChemicalCorn Starch Food GradeFood Grade Corn StarchNatural Food AdditivesSodium Gluconate ChinaSodium Erythorbate FCCChemicals ConstructionSubstitute of EDTA/NTAConstruction ChemicalsPopular Food AdditivesLactic Acid Food GradeFood Grade Lactic AcidCalcium Lactate PowderSodium Stearyl Lactate80% 85% 88% LACTIC ACIDCalcium Lactate in FoodSodium Gluconate PowderYellow Corn Animal FeedHigh Purity Lactic AcidMaize Starch Food GradeFood Additive SaccharinWater Stabilizing Agent2-hydroxypropionic AcidYellow Corn Fiber PowderCorn Gluten Meal ProteinSodium Gluconate Details2-Hydroxy Propionic AcidPaper Auxiliary ChemicalHigh Quality Corn StarchSodium Gluconate in SoapChemicals for IndustrialCorn Protein Powder 40kgLactic Acid Good QualityBiodegradable Lactic AcidSodium Erythorbate PowderGluconic Acid Sodium SaltConcrete Curing AdmixtureFood Antioxidants OrganicWater Treatment ChemicalsFood Grade Sodium LactateConcrete SuperplasticizerCalcium Lactate GluconateFood Additive Antioxidantsodium erythorbate DetailsSuper Concrete PlasticizerAntioxidants Free RadicalsFood Grade Lactic Acid 80%Admixture Sodium GluconateCleaning Chemical ProductsPrice of Calcium GluconateFood Grade Lactic Acid 85%Lactic Acid Excellent GradeTech Grade Sodium GluconateD-Sodium Erythorbate PowderRetarder Concrete AdmixtureAlpha Hydroxypropionic AcidIndustrial Sodium GluconateWater Soluble Acid GranulesFCC/E202 Sodium ErythorbateCorn Gluten Meal Feed GradeSodium Erythorbate C6H7NaO6Corrosion Inhibitor ChemicalIndustrial Cleaning ChemicalSodium Erythorbate Fcc GradeBeverage Sodium IsoascorbateHigh Quality Lactic Acid 80%Constrution Sodium GluconateAntioxidant Vitamins TabletsSodium Erythorbate Food GradeLactic Acid Powder Food GradeScale and Corrosion InhibitorSodium Gluconate Cas 527-07-1Sodium Gluconate ManufacturerSodium Gluconate in Food SafeSodium Gluconate White PowderFood Grade Sodium ErythorbateCorn Gluten Meal As LivestockPolyhydroxy Organic Acid SaltHigh Quality Sodium GluconateAntioxidant Sodium ErythorbateConcrete Water Reducer MixtureGlass Bottle Cleaning ChemicalFood Grade Sodium IsoascorbateLactic Acid 80% 88% Food GradeAntioxidant Crystalline PowderNative Corn Starch/maize StarchFood Additive Calcium GluconateSodium Gluconate As SequestrantHigh Purity Sodium IsoascorbateConstruction Chemical AdditivesD-Sodium Erythorbate Food GradeHigh Quality sodium erythorbateSodium Gluconate Industry GradeSodium Gluconate Cas No:527-07-1sodium gluconate chelating agentD- Sodium Erythorbate Food GradeStandard Process Calcium LactateDetergent Raw Materical ChemicalWater Treatment Sodium GluconateSodium Gluconate Cement RetarderChemicals Additives for ConcreteSodium Erythorbate Food AdditiveSodium Gluconate Cas No:527-07-10Sodium Gluconate As Food AdditiveSodium Gluconate Industrial GradeAcidity Regulators Sodium LactateFood Additives Sodium ErythorbateIndustrial Grade Sodium GluconateCorn Starch Powder SpecificationsSodium Gluconate As Cleaning AgentSodium Gluconate Calcium GluconateFeeding Corn Gluten Meal to HorsesSodium Gluconate 99% As SubstituteSodium Gluconate Formula C6H11NaO7Calcium Gluconate Industrial GradeCorn Starch Food Grade ManufacturerSodium Gluconate in Portland CementChemical Agent As Cleaning CompoundSodium Gluconate As Chelating AgentSodium Gluconate Concrete AdmixtureFood Additives D-Sodium ErythorbateSodium Gluconate As Organic ChemicalNew Type Biological Food AntioxidantSodium Gluconate for Cement RetarderSodium Gluconate for Water TreatmentSodium Gluconate CAS Number 527-07-1Chemical Products Concrete AdmixturesSodium Gluconate Water Reducing AgentIndustrial Grade Sodium Gluconate 99%Cleaning Agent for Iron Steel SurfaceSodium Gluconate As Sequstering AgentSodium Gluconate Raw Material ChemicalScale and Corrosion Inhibitor ChemicalSodium Gluconate As Sequestering AgentSodium Gluconate As Concrete AdditivesConcrete Admixture Industrial ChemicalSodium Gluconate As Concrete AdmixtureSodium Metabisulphite Industrial GradeSodium Gluconate Manufacturer C6H11O7NaSurface Cleaning Agent Sodium GluconateChemical Agent for Constrution IndustrySodium Gluconate 99% Concrete AdmixtureChemical Agent As Water Treatment AgentTech Grade Sodium Gluconate As DetergentIndustrial Chemical Sodium Gluconate 99%Sodium Gluconate As Water Reducing AgentSodium Gluconate As Electro Plating AgentExclusive Cleaning Agent of Glass BottlesSodium Glucoante 99% As Concrete RetarderChemicals for Industrial Sodium GluconateCleaning Agent for Iron and Steel SurfaceSodium Gluconate As Water Treatment AgentSodium Gluconate in Construction IndustrySodium Gluconate Concrete SuperplasticizerSodium Gluconate 99% Concrete Set RetarderIndustrial Grade Sodium Gluconate 527-07-1Sodium Gluconate 99% As Concrete RetardantSodium Gluconate 99% As Corrosion InhibitorSodium Gluconate Glass Bottle Cleaning AgentGood Quality Sodium Gluconate Cleaning AgentSodium Gluconate As Water Quality StabilizerSodium Gluconate As Rust/scale Removal AgentSodium Glucoante 99% As Concrete Retarder/casSodium Gluconate for Water Quality StabilizerSodium Gluconate Used in Construction IndustrySodium Gluconate As Super Concrete PlasticizerGood Quality Sodium Gluconate As Cleaning AgentSodium Gluconate 99% As Paper Auxiliary Chemical98% Sodium Gluconate As Water Quality StabilizerSodium Gluconate As Metal Surface Treatment AgentSodium Gluconate Detergent Raw Materical ChemicalSodium Gluconate 99% Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor
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